Success by Te Hou Ora's Youth Justice programme

We are proud to have supported Te Hou Ora's successful Youth Justice programme in the Otago region in 2023. They shared this heartwarming story with us that demonstrates the level of impact they have on the lives of youth in their community. Thank you for helping this rangatahi, and many others, onto a prosperous path.

"We had a rangatahi move onto a Youth Development Plan from Supported Bail. At the time of this change the rangatahi was living in a residential house, with the intention of moving home with their family within the 6 months following their referral.

"The rangatahi had a lot going on in terms of family and mental health and was grateful for the supports that had been put in place to help them. We found that working alongside other professionals and building a good rapport with this individual would be key in ensuring their needs are able to be met. The rangatahi was willing to engage in activities, whether it be bike riding, walks along the beach, sports, even finding that pulling thread out of flax was a therapeutic activity. The rangatahi was tested in a group environment, there was a bit of hesitancy at first but got involved amongst their peers. Contact time with the rangatahi varied as they were enrolled in school where the rangatahi engaged well, and we were able to use some of our contact time to help with homework. Though there were times where incidents did happen within school, an instance resulting in suspension, the rangatahi got back into work as soon as they were allowed back. Whilst with us the rangatahi got on well with staff and enjoyed the chat provided both ways. The rangatahi was invested in current events and talked about what was going on in the world as well as how it was affecting them. The rangatahi often went on strike to show support for people struggling within New Zealand especially with job security and vaccine mandates.

"Being able to discuss these issues with the rangatahi and look at the possible pathways he would like to take in the future, it made sense that in the long term they were wanting to study Law in the hope of becoming a Youth Advocate. Being involved in pro social activities as well as having a good rapport with staff, engaging well with school, enabling the rangatahi the safe space to talk, coinciding with the support of other professionals, the rangatahi was equipped with the tools to complete their Youth Development Plan. The rangatahi was later placed onto mentoring with us and during this time they made the successful transition home with family."