As families prepare to send their children back to school at the end of January, we stand alongside them, ensuring they have the school supplies they need.

In January, February, and March each year, we run our Backpacks4School campaign. During this campaign we:

  • Seek donations of new stationery, school bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, and personal hygiene items (or money to purchase these goods)
  • Work with volunteers to assemble filled backpacks for children
  • Liaise with our endorsed charities to determine need

We extend this campaign right through to the end of March because it allows us to provide charities like women's refuges and those providing transitional housing with additional bags that they can store until they are needed later in the year. Frequently families turn up to these charities with very few belongings, having fled from troubling circumstances. Being able to give children a school bag and settle them into a school quickly helps them to cope by providing routine and familiarity. 


You or your business can help by:

✅ Donating money or supplies that will be used to support charities in your region

✅ Reaching out to us about hosting a volunteering day to help fill school bags