Our Work

The Catalytic Foundation helps strengthen small community charities across Aotearoa, so they are equipped to provide essential services to their community. 

We help over 100 charities each year by:

  • Providing financial grants
  • Providing supplies, like warm blankets and clothing, school supplies, and Christmas gifts for the people they are supporting
  • Providing mentoring that helps charities grow and thrive
  • Providing them with an endorsement that demonstrates to other funders that they have undergone a rigorous 10-point screening process. 


Catalytic Foundation Endorsed Charity status

The Catalytic Foundation's Endorsed Charity status is an important indicator for both funders and the charity themselves. It shows that:

  • The charity's work is filling an essential community need identified by the Catalytic Foundation's community needs research
  • The charity has undergone a rigorous 10-point screening process to verify that they are managing their finances and resources responsibly

For charities, endorsed charity status confirms that they are doing vital work, running their finances efficiently, and that they are eligible to receive assistance from the Catalytic Foundation's quarterly campaigns. For funders and the businesses, working alongside endorsed charities provides confidence that their money is being used responsibly and wisely.


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