Catalyser Provides Online CSR Solutions

The Catalytic Foundation are proud to be the official NZ partner for the CSR platform Catalyser. This partnership allows us to elevate our offering to corporate donors to maximise their social impact in their local communities and throughout Aotearoa. 

Catalyser is an intuitive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and HR integrated platform, providing solutions for: volunteering, communications, employee engagement with individual staff logins, community campaigns, payroll giving with accredited charities and real time impact reporting for employees and businesses.

Together, Catalyser and the Catalytic Foundation provide the technology and community services to better connect workplaces with community needs across Aotearoa. We ensure donations and volunteer time go to where they are needed most. 

“Catalyser is a true collaborator. Their solution-driven mindset helped us work through the complexities of our needs to ultimately grow our impact.” Gerry Wilde, Director, Responsible Business, Deloitte 

On the Catalyser Platform Companies can work with existing charities they currently support and are invited to also consider supporting Catalytic's four major campaigns in 2022:

  1. Education resources for children 
  2. Sustainable Environments and Housing 
  3. Mental Health and Supporting Youth 
  4. Supporting Families in Need 

For further information please fill out the form below and see how you can be empowered to change the world from your workplace