Payday Giving

Through regular payday donations from your hard-earned pay the Catalytic Foundation provides must needed support to over 100 community charities every year. We are there in times of hardship, addressing social needs such as: youth suicide, family support services, domestic violence, community well-being and we respond promptly to crisis situations such as the effects of the Covid pandemic.  Payday donors can designate the region you would like to support in Aotearoa and we ensure your donation has maximum social impact. 

"Wow! I donate $10/pay to the Catalytic fund and have just received a donation receipt to say I contributed $520 to my community last year!"

Payday giving as the most effective way for working New Zealanders to collectively support their local community charities!

  • Donations can be set up through your companies payroll system or by regular monthly or weekly payments, from as little as a cup of coffee a week
  • Donors can claim back a third of the donation in a tax rebate
  • The Catalytic Foundation is an IRD-approved charity and can help companies set up payroll giving systems. 
  • Matching employee payroll giving is a way for companies to stand alongside employees and visibly support local communities.
For the cost of a cup of coffee per week, your regular donation can have a huge social impact!
Catalytic Foundation bank account: 12-3067-0187344-00  Ref: Community Chest and region you would like to support