Workplace/payroll giving

By including the Catalytic Foundation in your workplace/payroll giving options, you and your business can support over 100 community-based frontline charities every year, with regular donations. 

  • It is easy to set up regular workplace/payroll giving donations
  • It allows employees to receive an immediate tax credit from the IRD if the donation is more than $5, that means if you donate $6, your take home pay only reduces by $4
  • All donations remain within the donor's region, supporting local charities
  • The annual Christmas Shoebox Project is also funded by your regular donations
  • The Catalytic Foundation works with frontline charities, ensuring maximum social impact from your donation 

How easy is it for your company to set up payroll giving?

  1. The Catalytic Foundation is an IRD-approved charity  
  2. Deduct the amount your employee has requested from pay
  3. Calculate the tax credit for each donation and reduce their PAYE deduction by that amount (33.33% of the donated amount)
  4. Pass your employee donations onto the Catalytic Foundation to distribute into communities
  5. Record the tax credit and submit electronically as part of your Employer Monthly Schedule (EMS/IR 348) and Employer Deduction Form (EDF/IR 345) 

Matching employee payroll giving is a way for your company to stand alongside you and visibly support local communities.

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