Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving enables you to make a regular donation to United Way directly from your pay and at the same time receive an immediate tax rebate.  Payroll Giving contributes to United Way NZ community grant donations. Collectively we can provide financial support to charities working with communities within your region.  

United Way NZ is an IRD approved donee charity, this means a 33% tax credit is available for all payroll donations over $5.00. This tax credit is paid immediately, i.e. your Payroll Giving donation of $6.00 will only cost you $4.00.

To set up regular Payroll Giving to United Way New Zealand, check first that your employer is offering Payroll Giving (it’s voluntary for employers as well employees) then complete our “Payroll Giving Request Form” and give it to your payroll officer.

Alternatively, If you would like to make regular donations yourself directly from your pay, United Way will give you a receipt at the end of the financial year so you can claim back your tax rebate.