Community needs survey 2023

We welcome your feedback in 2023

If you are part of a community organisation we invite you to complete this 4 minute survey as a check on your organisation's well-being and your community needs in 2023.  

In our four previous community needs surveys since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we have gathered important feedback about the effect of the pandemic and cost of living crisis on community organisations around Aotearoa.  The results of the surveys are collated by the Catalytic Foundation to help us advocate for your organisation and community with philanthropists, employers, government and donors. 


Click here to fill out the 2023 Community Needs survey


Topline Findings from our previous Community Needs Research from September 2022:   

  • 85.37% of charities continued to be impacted by the pandemic and cost of living increases in the last year.
  • 81.71% of community charities have seen an increase in demand in the previous year.
  • 57.82% of charities needed additional support for operational costs and expenses
  • 55% of charities require laptops to support their services.
  • 35% of charities needed professional volunteer skills such as legal, IT and accounting to help them with their services.

Anecdotal themes emerging

  • Demand for community services have increased, however, charities are commenting that if additional funding isn't found they may have to reduce services.              
  • Many charities comment increased anxiety levels among the community.
  • Additional staff are required and burn out is an issue.
  • Donations of money and basic requirements for clients, such as food and quality linen/clothing, are appreciated.