Com2022 - Winter Warmer Campaign

Housing and financial needs were the two priorities that came through in this year's community charities survey and research. We've made them a focus for the next quarter and have identified two main ways you can help this winter to build Healthy Communities in Aotearoa. 

1. Donating quality winter items

Many community charities that we support are working with people without housing, in transitional housing or financially can't afford to heat their house. Comfortable warm housing is very important to achieving healthy households as we move into winter time. Please consider donating quality resources such as:

  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Hot water bottles
  • Warm clothing

Donating these items can really make a difference to a family in hardship. The items listed above were specifically requested by community charities supporting those in need. 

Click here to Donate

2. Volunteer your time

Our community environments also need a helping hand. Do you have a volunteering day available to help in local community gardens or cleaning up beaches and waterways? We have charities in locations around Aotearoa that would like to work with you to help the local community. Please contact us for a bespoke volunteering opportunity