EDU2022 Celebrating Diversity

April is Autism Awareness Month, so there is no better time to experience a different way of thinking and open our eyes to Autism! 

As part of our Education and Diversity #EDU2022 Campaign, the Catalytic Foundation are supporting Xabilities to co-ordinate a special Art Exhibition, featuring the skills of many autistic artists. 

One of the biggest “strains” of being neurodiverse is other people’s perceptions, says Tamara Grant who lives with autism. “You’re put into a category of ‘you look normal, so you should act normal’,” she said.

“[Autism] can be a gift because if everyone learnt to accept autism, everyone would learn to accept anyone who walked through the door, no matter what differences, because no two people with autism are the same.”

These quotes are from an article in STUFF, about Tamara Grant, a 22-year-old artist, public speaker and founder of Xabilities, a social enterprise with a focus on advocating for neurodiverse people. 

During Autism Awareness Month, with help from Pub Charity, we are supporting Xabilities to co-ordinate a special Art Exhibition so people can experience a different and inspirational way of thinking. 

This Autistic Expression Event opens on April 4th at 4pm will run for the month of April, at the Estuary Art Centre in Orewa, Auckland. The opening of the event and featured artists can also be seen online via Xabilities and social media pages.

“I want just autistic people to know that it’s OK, and that we can have a life of independence and joy,” Tamara said.

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To support this Autistic Expression - Art Exhibition Event 

Thank you Pub Charity for your support of this very special event.