Congratulations to Woven Earth

Congratulations to Kerryn Thrupp, CEO of Woven Earth for the necessary work you do in the Auckland community.

As an acknowledgment of the charity and the important work they do setting up homes for families who have been affected by domestic violence, we presented Kerryn with this Accreditation Certificate from the Catalytic Foundation.

Woven Earth has met every criteria in the Catalytic Foundation charity accreditation checklist and we are very happy to endorse them as a very worthy charity to donate to, give resources to and volunteer with. 


"We furnish homes and in doing so we furnish lives. We help change the #thenwhat - one family at a time".  Kerry Thrupp, CEO at Woven Earth


Photo: Kerryn Thrupp in the Woven Earth Warehouse with the Catalytic Foundation Accreditation Certificate and backpacks we donated for families.