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  • published Mental health charities need our support in Latest News 2021-10-01 13:28:08 +1300

    Mental health charities need our support

    In the recent findings from our Covid-19 Community Needs research, Kiwi charities across the board identified "mental health" as the most important issue affecting their communities during times of lockdown. 

    “Since covid lockdowns the levels and complexities of issues young are having has increased our workload by 50% with an 80% increase in risk and spike in mental health issues around anxiety and depression, suicide ideation and self-harm, abuse and with the need for more care and protection interventions from our teams” - Nationwide Youth Charity

    The survey conducted by the Catalytic Foundation received 560 responses from New Zealand charities across the three different COVID-19 lockdown periods in 2020 and 2021. The top three issues identified by charities in regards to the communities they serve were "mental health", "adequate housing" and "financial security" (which includes access to food and basic needs).

    Practically all charities have been affected by the pandemic and many experienced an increased demand for services this year. For many charities, obtaining additional funding remains a priority and the amount needed has increased compared to last year, largely due to operational costs/expenses, and efforts to keep staff employed. 

    “We are witnessing much higher levels of anxiety in our clients and staff” Social services charity in Otago

    As community charities and not-for-profit organisations seek to address major social issues, most of them lack the resources, secure funding or even volunteers to help them work effectively and Covid-19 has only added to this strain. Charities have similar costs to commercial organisations yet they are trying to operate on the smell of an oily rag and they need our support!

    “There has been a huge increase in demand for our services, especially for food parcels, emergency housing and mental health support” Community charity in Northland

    In response to the findings from the Community Needs Surveys, the Catalytic Foundation has established donation pages for the following mental health charities: Youth in Transition (Auckland) and Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust (Otago).

    Please click on their names for further details about how you can help

  • Love Soup Feeding People through a Pandemic

    While Covid-19 has hit Aotearoa hard, the 'Love Soup' team have been collecting, sorting and distributing good food to assist communities, whanau and people in need around Auckland, the Waikato and Tokoroa regions.


    Julie and her team are getting good supplies of food to redistribute, however, they still have to pay for the vans, petrol, storage rent, salaries, operations and volunteer costs.

    How can you help? By donating to Love Soup via the link above.











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  • Applications for Community Grants close October 22nd

    Grant applications are open from 1 October to 22 October, 2021.

    We are passionate about supporting the work of community charities, iwi and not-for-profit organisations who work hard to build healthy and resilient communities. We invite regional community groups, which meet the criteria, to apply to our annual grant in October this year. 

    In the upcoming October funding round, we invite organisations from the following regions to apply: Manawatu/Horowhenua, Whanganui, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and Southland. 

    We are thankful to The Tindall Foundation who have chosen the Catalytic Foundation as their donation manager in the above areas and our workplace donors who collectively contribute to our Community Chest for these Grants. We concentrate funding on where it is most needed and will make the greatest difference. 

    Priority Areas:

    Whanau/Family, Early Years Support, Youth Development, Accommodation/Housing, Food security, Community Services, Refugee/Migrant and Cross-Cultural Communities, Skill Development / Training / Financial Literacy.

    Who we fund:

    We fund small to medium sized, community-based organisations who do not have large inhouse marketing or fundraising resources. Applications will be considered for project costs and operating expenses including: rent, utilities, salaries/wages. 

    We Do Not Fund:

    Schools, core early childhood education programmes, Government agencies, art organisations, sport organisations, animal charities, fixed assets or purchases over $3,000, capital projects, sports equipment, overseas travel, medical treatment or individuals, and health organisations (except in Otago).

    Online applications only will be accepted after 1 October 2021 and the closing date for applications is 22 October 2021. Applicants will be advised before March 2022 if successful for funding.  Determining eligibility for funding is at the discretion of our regional volunteers and the Catalytic Foundation Board of Trustees.  From the 1st October, please click here to start your application. 

  • South Auckland FOOD BANK needs your support

    Immediate support needed for South Auckland 'Budgeting and Family Support Services Foodbank' 


    100% of your donations will directly support South Auckland families, individuals, pensioners and the homeless, with food parcels from the Budgeting and Family Support Services Food Bank, in Mangere, Otara & Tuakau

    "As food insecurity grows by the day due COVID-19 Lockdown, we are seeing a huge number of people needing food. With many schools closed due to potential Covid contact, many of these families are forced to self-isolate at home for 14 days. These same people then cannot supermarket shop and most are turning to food banks, like ours to meet their needs. Demand is up around 80% on last year.

    We are hearing some tragic stories such as the 74 yr. old pensioner living in his car with his small dog; who says he couldn’t sustain his private flat in Mangere Bridge. We have been able to provide him with food boxes, water and blankets etc. Then there is a couple of families referred to us due to domestic violence within the home. Whatever the need or their story, we do what we can to feed their need.

    This lockdown has meant that we have been running out of produce quickly, from meat, milk, bread, eggs through to canned foods such as baked beans, spaghetti, tomatoes and then staples like rice, pasta and flour.

    We are grateful for any and all support we can get from produce through to cash donations, which allow us to purchase the essential foods that we need to go into our food parcels".  Darryl Evans, CEO, Budgeting and Family Support Services


    100% of your donation will go Budgeting and Family Support Services Foodbank 

  • published Pregnancy Help Otago in Latest News 2021-09-01 17:20:45 +1200

    Pregnancy Help Otago

    Thank you to the team and volunteers at Pregnancy Help Otago. Their annual impact report shows whānau were resourced through the provision of practical support: 607 reusable nappies, 666 items of pregnancy clothing, 1098 items of baby bedding, 8144 disposable nappies and 24,462 items of baby and children’s clothing. Young families are very grateful for this help in the Otago region!

    Services provided to 1316 people in the last year included: breastfeeding support services, education about safe sleeping and resources relating to pregnancy and parenting. Safe sleeping was supported by the provision of 111 sleep spaces (82 bassinets, 24 pēpi-pods, and 5 wahakura).

    "Every bit helps and with Covid19 it can be difficult to locate items you need or even go and get the items. It's very tough times and to have the support of Pregnancy Help is very much appreciated"

  • published Living Well in Levin in Latest News 2021-09-01 16:44:40 +1200

    Living Well in Levin

    Living Well Counselling Service in Levin have reported a huge demand for their services according to their latest impact report received by the Catalytic Foundation. 

    With a wait list of over 35 clients, they are dealing with an unprecedented demand. During lockdown they are relying on online services to cope with this demand, however, face to face counselling will resume as soon as Covid-19 lockdown is lifted.  

    Living Well Counselling services help people return to work, & return to school or education. With their help people are able to build safe relationships, provide a safe environment in their homes and become empowered to make sound decisions.

    We would like to thank Living Well Counselling Service in Levin for their community services. They work hard to help people decrease their depression, anxiety, violence towards others, fears and help people improve their overall wellbeing.

    "When people experience distress or difficulties in their lives many like to talk through their experiences with trained professionals. Some people do this to understand more fully what led to the current problems, learn new skills and increase positive emotions. Others find having a forum to express their thoughts in a non-judgmental context, while gaining some feedback or insight, the most important part. Counselling can help you discover meaning, options, resolution, hope, purpose, understanding and solutions".





  • published 2021 Covid-19 Research in Latest News 2021-07-29 15:41:15 +1200

    Charity research found more need for funds a result of COVID-19 Delta outbreak

    The Covid-19 Community Needs research, by the Catalytic Foundation, shows Kiwi charities are under increasing pressure, managing a surge in demand with fewer resources.

    The study had over 560 responses from charities across New Zealand and were conducted around periods of COVID-19 lockdown.

    1. First survey in March/April 2020 as NZ went into level 3-4
    2. Second survey in April/May 2020 as NZ moved out of level 4-3 to level 2.
    3. Third survey in July/August as NZ went into level 4  

    Click Here for the 2021 Community Needs Research Report

    Insights from the 2021 survey

      • Over 90% of charities reported that they were affected by Covid-19 (consistent with the two previous surveys)
      • 72% reported an increase in demand for their services, which is an increase from the 48% reported in the previous survey.
      • Having identified in the previous two surveys that “Additional funding” was the primary need of the charities, the latest survey highlighted “Operational costs and expenses”, “Additional financial support” and “Staff” as three immediate needs they need help with.
      • Charities have reported an increase in the amount of financial support they need compared to previous surveys. The most significant change is in the upper bands of funding – over 25% selected 100k (compared to 11% in previous survey), 20% selected 50k (compared to 5% in previous survey), and 16% selected 10k (compared to 12% in previous survey), with the lower bands largely the same comparing the latest and previous survey.
      • A new question in this year’s survey asked charities what resources they needed. The top three needs were for laptops (58%), followed by food (44%) then mobile phones (31%), which indicates the need for technology.
      • There is a significant increase in the number of professional skilled volunteers and people needed to help with charity support services compared to the surveys run last year. This year’s survey showed 45% needing volunteers for charity support services, followed closely by professional skilled volunteers at 45% (compared this to the 17% from the previous survey and 12% before that).


    Overview from the Catalytic Foundation Covid-19 Community Needs Surveys

    Similar to last year, the research this year has identified that practically all charities have been affected by the pandemic and have an increased demand for services.

    For many charities, obtaining additional funding is a primary need and the amount needed has increased compared to last year, largely due to operational costs/expenses, additional financial support and staff. On the last point, the need for professionally skilled volunteers and people to help with charity support services may be an indication that charities are short-staffed and low funded so rely more and more on unpaid helpers.

    Lastly, the research has identified that charities need donations around tech (laptops and phones), as well as the more expected food and secondhand goods.



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  • published Catalytic Philanthropy In Action in Latest News 2021-06-09 11:38:17 +1200

    Catalytic Philanthropy In Action

    The Covid-19 pandemic has required a considerable redeployment of resources and focus at the Catalytic Foundation (formerly United Way NZ). Not only did we need to provide emergency funding, resources and advocacy for our non-profit partners, we also reached out to support our corporate partners manage their CSR priorities, within a rapidly evolving business environment. Like many challenges, this led to open discussions, opportunities, collaboration and sharing of resources.

    Over the past year, people have shown that they are very thankful for the income and resources they have been fortunate enough to retain. We have seen that gratitude evolve into generosity for people who have been affected by Covid- 19 job losses and are experiencing financial and emotional pressures. This has meant we have moved from the traditional philanthropy model into a catalytic philanthropy model, which involves the generous giving of time, skills, money and resources.  

    Community charities and not-for-profit organisations seek to address major social issues. Unfortunately, many of them lack the scale and resources to help them with the problems they are trying to solve.  By leveraging the catalytic philanthropy model, we unlock resources from businesses and donors and then by collectively combining them with the non-profit sector, we become the catalysts for change and maximum social impact.

    Bill Gates wrote about catalytic philanthropy "Whether your chief resource is volunteer-time or hard earned dollars, for a relatively small investment, catalytic philanthropy can make a big impact"

    To do something for many is one of the main concepts of catalytic philanthropy.  By working under this model, the Catalytic Foundation can get the most value out of every dollar or skill donated and with our extensive 46 year history of community partnerships, drive social change.

    Our focus is on promoting wellbeing and looking after people. The rebrand to the Catalytic Foundation gives us the freedom to conceive new technology, ideas and initiatives that will resonate with New Zealanders to accelerate social impact.

    We invite you to join us on our journey.

    Ngā mihi nui,

    Teresa Moore | Chief Executive | Catalytic Foundation | catalytic.org.nz

  • Workplace giving helps regional communities

    It's easy to give! The people in need in your community will benefit from this collective funding we collate for regional community charities. To find out more about how you can help your regional community organisations with the necessary work they do please click here

    "Wow! I donate $10/pay to the Catalytic fund and have just received a donation receipt say I contributed $520 to my community this year!"

  • published What's happening in Auckland in Auckland News 2021-04-11 20:44:22 +1200

    Auckland Community Awards

    Auckland Charities are the backbone of our communities, especially when crisis strikes.

    The Catalytic Foundation Community Fund provides financial assistance for community charities providing support services. We would like to thank the many regional donors and workplace givers, for their continued support of this community fund in Auckland. The Community Charites who are being supported this year are:

    • Mangere Budgeting Services
    • Kelmarna Community Garden
    • Woven Earth
    • Love Soup (Rodney)

    This collective fund makes a real difference to the Charities, doing necessary community work, for optimal social impact, in Auckland.

    The 2020 Christmas Shoebox Project distributed 880 presents to children who would of otherwise gone without. We would like to thank the following organisations for helping us reach out to families in need. 

    • Bluelight (Otahuhu)
    • Luke St Transitional Housing (Andrea Sikuea)
    • Te Roopu O Te Whanau  Rangimarie O Tamaki Makaurau
    • Victim Support
    • Island Child Charitable Trust NZ
    • North Shore Police
    • Woven Earth
    • Parent group at Corbans
    • Waikato Women's Refuge
    • Manukau Budgeting services
    • North Shore Women's centre
    • Kindred Services (Formerly Helensville women's centre)
    • Women's Rufuge (Rodney)
    • De Paul House (Northcote and Rodney)
    • Shine

    Photo: Curtesy of the wonderful team at Xero who donated gifts for the Christmas Shoebox Project



  • Frontline Charities supported in South Canterbury


    We were very pleased to award our first community grants of 2021, in Timaru at the Community House. Congratulations to Centrecare Counselling Waimate, Te Aitarakihi Trust, Multicultural Aoraki, Gloriavale Leavers' Support Trust, Victim Support South Canterbury and KiwiCan (Graeme Dingle Foundation). It was wonderful to be amongst such amazing people who are really making a difference in the South Canterbury Community.

    Thank you Liz Shea and Rosie from Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury and Martin Reynecke from Perpetual Guardian for your help with our Community Grant selection process.

    Thank you also to The Tindall Foundation and local Payroll donors for their donations to the Catalytic Foundation community fund for frontline charities in South Canterbury.

    If you would like to contribute to the South Canterbury Fund please Donate here or visit our Workplace/payroll giving page.


  • Dell Technology support community charities in Palmerston North

    Thank you Dell Technology for donating Laptops for our frontline community charities,

    Just Zilch Food Rescue and Palmerston North Women's Refuge were our latest recipients.


  • published Dell Technology support our young people in Latest News 2021-01-26 18:28:45 +1300

    Dell Technology support our young people

    Thank you Dell Technologies NZ for donating laptops for our community charities: 
    Shore Junction received 6 laptops to support their youth innovation hub, in Auckland.
    This will help provide computers for programming and to support innovation, learning and creativity

  • 1556 Christmas boxes delivered to families

    Together we’ve made Christmas special for more young New Zealanders than ever before:

    The goodwill and generosity of individuals and organisations has resulted in the Shoebox Project 2020 helping more young New Zealanders and their families than ever before. This year, 1556 boxes of gifts where delivered to families in hardship so they had presents to open on Christmas morning. That’s an increase of over 50% on last year.

    It’s been an unprecedented year for those working to support our communities. Research conducted by Catalytic Foundation (formerly United Way NZ) in 2020 showed 98% of our charity partners were affected by the social and economic effects of Covid-19. Most expect the effects to continue for some time. 

    Thank you for making a significant difference to the lives of so many young New Zealanders and their families.

    Christmas Shoebox Project 2020 Snapshot

    1556 New Zealanders had something to open this Christmas

    40 organisations, groups and individuals donated time and funding

    32 community organisations received Shoeboxes to distribute to families/whanau

    50% more young New Zealanders received a Shoebox compared with last year

    11 New Kiwi organisations welcomed into the Shoebox Project whanau

    85 Volunteers nationwide assisted the 2020 Christmas Shoebox Project 

    Please see below the list of generous individuals and organisations who have provided donations, volunteering and distribution services, to ensure we delivered  Christmas boxes to families in need, throughout Aotearoa.

    AIA New Zealand Whare Timatatanga Hou Ora 
    Dow New Zealand Te Rarawa Iwi
    NZ Olympic Committee Otahuhu Primary School 
    3M Blue Light Otahuhu
    Spark New Zealand Luke Street Transitional Housing
    Chubb Insurance Vision West Trust
    Hays Recruitment Oranga Tamariki
    Deloitte (Auckland office) Victim Support
    Richmond Chambers Island Child Charitable Trust
    Cambridge Clothing North Shore Police
    Xero (photo included) Woven Earth
    Grant Thornton NZ Single parent families (UWNZ)
    All things Plumbing  Waikato Women's Refuge
    Downer Budgeting & Family Services
    IMCD NZ Ltd North Shore Women's centre
    RE: Vision Kindred Services
    Kohler NZ Ltd  Women's Refuge Rodney
    Dell Technology  De Paul House
    Lynch & Associates Ltd De Paul House (Rodney)
    Cooper and Co Shine (Refuge)
    Lion New Zealand Te Roopu O Te Whanau Rangimarie O Tamaki Makaurau
    KPMG HBC Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren
    Ovato Publishing Solutions Love Soup
    Hokowhitu Children's Centre  Palmerston North Refuge 
    The Factory Just Zilch
    APEC NZ, Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs and Trade
    English Language Partners
    (Refugee & New Immigrants)
    NZ Infrastructure Commission Single parent families
    Deloitte (photo included)  
    AIA (Wellington)  
    Cavell Leitch Lawyers Birthright Canterbury 
    Pinnacle and Co Aviva (Women's Refuge)
    Grant Thornton  
    Forsyth Barr Dunedin Curtain Bank
    Marsh Insurance  Te Whare Pounamu Refuge
    MTF Finance Presbyterian Support 
    Mercy Hospital Presbyterian Support (Buddy)
    Rothbury Insurance Brokers Corstorphine Community Hub
    New World (Long Bay)  INDIVIDUAL DONORS
    Vineyard Church Youth  Brittany Watson & Friends 
    Auckland Grammar  Anna Logan 
    Corbans Art Estate UWNZ Donors via Catalyser
    Ohana Group United Way Payroll Donors
    Catalyser online Platform Di Daniels - Digital Wings

    It's been an amazing effort by a collective of people who have shown they really care.
    Thank you for helping support families throughout NZ in 2020, roll on 2021!

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  • published Mastercard Cares in Latest News 2020-05-15 18:26:41 +1200

    Mastercard Cares

    Mastercard donation provides post-trauma support for families affected by the Christchurch Mosque shootings

    While over a year has passed, the people impacted by the Christchurch Massacre continue to feel its affects. Thanks to a generous grant received this month from Mastercard, frontline charities supporting those affected have some extra help.

    A donation of $65,000 was made to Christchurch Resettlement Services, 180 Degrees Trust, Waitaki Multi-Cultural Council, 298 Youth Health Centre, Youthline Central South Island, Aoraki Migrant Centre, PIPS Pregnancy Infancy Parenting Support and Compassion Trust to continue the important work they do helping those affected by the tragedy to continue to heal. Thank you Mastercard for remembering those affected.

    "It made my week to receive and distribute a grant of $65,000 from Mastercard to eight frontline charities to help them continue their critical work supporting those impacted by last year’s Christchurch Mosque Massacre. Thank you Mastercard for recognising that the process of supporting individuals and communities to heal continues long after the event itself" Heather Rankin, Catalytic Foundation Grants Manager

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    Volunteers are the heart of our community
    Mā tini, mā mano, ka rapa te whai