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Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward is a way to pass acts of kindness on to others.

Building on a hopeful and optimistic view for the future, paying it forward gives us faith that the world can be a better place if we work to make it that way. 

Why do so many people live their lives according to the “pay it forward” principle? Quite simply, people believe that one good deed deserves another, and it has been proven that acts of kindness can build exponentially in a community. 

People who donate every payday to the Catalytic Pay It Forward fund, provide necessary financial support to their local charities, who are always there in a time of need. Charities endorsed by Catalytic also benefit from our year-round capacity building support, mentoring and campaigns including the Christmas Shoebox Project and Backpacks4Education.

Your donation can start from as little as the price of a cup of coffee, and because it is tax-deductible, for every $6 donated, you only pay $4.

To Pay It Forward, every payday, please click here for a form to give your payroll operator or fill out the form below.

Here is our bank account to make regular automatic donations # 12-3067-0187344-00  Reference: PIFFund(& your region)  

"Wow! I donate $10/pay to the Catalytic Pay It Forward Fund and have just received a donation receipt to say I contributed $520 to my community last year!"

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Business Catalyst

The Catalyst for Businesses to Grow their Social Impact

Catalytic connects businesses and donors with grassroots community organisations. Here is how your business can engage and have a positive social impact.

We help businesses:
- Create memorable team-building experiences
- Maximise social impact in line with company and staff values
- Give back to your local community where it’s needed most

Catalytic are experienced donation managers, but:
- The need far exceeds funding
- We see so many social issues that need addressing
- We know that businesses like yours care about your communities

The Catalytic team work to make it easy for you to make a real difference.
- Team and skilled volunteering
- One off donations and giving resources to campaigns
- Payday donations into a local community fund

Campaigns you can participate in
- Backpacks4Education
- Sustainable Healthy Living
- Youth Mental Health
- Christmas Shoebox Project

How we choose our campaigns
- Backed by nationwide community needs research
- Addressing highest priority social needs
- Collaborations with established community networks

What your company gets
For each campaign you participate in, you receive a social impact report that includes:
- Quantitative outcomes achieved, e.g. backpacks donated
- Qualitative feedback
- Quotes and photos from recipients
- Volunteering report

CSR Consulting services include:  
- Social Responsibility (CSR) workshops 
- Staff engagement and teambuilding 
- Marketing / Communications support
- Organising bespoke community campaigns 
Online CSR solutions 

For further information please contact us

Community needs survey 2023

We welcome your feedback in 2023

If you are part of a community organisation we invite you to complete this 4 minute survey as a check on your organisation's well-being and your community needs in 2023.  

In our four previous community needs surveys since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we have gathered important feedback about the effect of the pandemic and cost of living crisis on community organisations around Aotearoa.  The results of the surveys are collated by the Catalytic Foundation to help us advocate for your organisation and community with philanthropists, employers, government and donors. 


Click here to fill out the 2023 Community Needs survey


Topline Findings from our previous Community Needs Research from September 2022:   

  • 85.37% of charities continued to be impacted by the pandemic and cost of living increases in the last year.
  • 81.71% of community charities have seen an increase in demand in the previous year.
  • 57.82% of charities needed additional support for operational costs and expenses
  • 55% of charities require laptops to support their services.
  • 35% of charities needed professional volunteer skills such as legal, IT and accounting to help them with their services.

Anecdotal themes emerging

  • Demand for community services have increased, however, charities are commenting that if additional funding isn't found they may have to reduce services.              
  • Many charities comment increased anxiety levels among the community.
  • Additional staff are required and burn out is an issue.
  • Donations of money and basic requirements for clients, such as food and quality linen/clothing, are appreciated.

Pitney Bowes volunteers help communities

We had an awesome day volunteering with the Pitney Bowes NZ team volunteering at Love Soup Hibiscus Coast Community garden and food storage. A volunteering opportunity inspired by Pitney Bowes dedication to food security and food security. 

In the last 3 years the Catalytic Foundation have conducted online research with our community partners to monitor the effect of Covid and the cost-of-living crisis on communities. Our findings are:

  • 72% of charities have had an increase in demand - Food banks, mental health charities and those supporting youth and the elderly experienced the most pronounced spikes in demand for services

Financial poverty and inability to access food and basics was in the top 3 commonly stated needs that our charities noted.  Food security is essential for children and young people to be happy and healthy, learning and developing. Children living in food insecure households are less likely to consume nutritionally balanced diets essential for optimal growth and development, and this can have immediate and long-term negative consequences for their health and education. Household food insecurity has been associated with a wide range of child health and development problems from infancy through to adolescence.

In NZ one in five children are living in households where food can run out, and one in three are living in unaffordable housing, according to the latest child poverty indicators report.

Thank you to the Pitney Bowes NZ team for caring about education and food security in our communities

Catalytic supports Auckland charities

Over the last year the Catalytic Foundation has supported the following 7 community charities in the Auckland region with financial support.

This has been made possible by our Payday Donors who pay a small sum each payday, so collectively we can support important work being done in our community. 

  • Living Without Violence (Waiheke Island Network) Inc.
  • Budgeting and Family Support Services - Mangere, Tuakau and Otara
  • Estuary Arts Orewa - Neurodiversity and Inclusion Art Exhibition
  • Love Soup Hibiscus Coast - Food Rescue
  • Sweet Louise - supporting people with incurable Breast Cancer
  • Woven Earth - helping family violence survivors by furnishing their houses 
  • Element One Trust - Backpacks4School in West Auckland

Letter of thanks from Love Soup – The Hibiscus Coast Team

" Many of our families already experience financial hardship, then on top of that, the additional stress of damage to their homes and personal items during the floods.  It was such a blessing to be able to pass on a backpack filled with essential school items to help restore some normality for the children so they can get back to focusing on their education."

From Tracey


Whanganui charities recognised with financial grants

Congratulations to the following 9 frontline community charities who received $51,267 worth of grants from Catalytic Donors and The Tindall Foundation, to support their necessary social services. Thank you for the important work you do for people and whanau in Whanganui. Photo curtesy of English Language Partners in Whanganui.

  • Hakeke Street Community Centre
  • Te Ora Hou Whanganui
  • Life To The Max Trust
  • Christian Social Services Whanganui - City Mission Whanganui
  • English Language Partners NZ - Whanganui
  • Wai Ora Christian Community Trust
  • Women's Network Whanganui
  • Raetihi Community Charitable Trust
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ











An email of thanks we received from Liz Hoskin @ Life to the Max

“Kia ora kōrua

Thank you so much for once again endorsing and funding LTTM with a grant from the Catalytic Foundation. It is grants like these that ensure that LTTM can keep doing what's it's doing especially in these extra hard times!!! Our Board of Trustees especially send their thanks and we so look forward to continuing our relationship with you as we provide very much needed social support to vulnerable families in Whanganui.

Once again thank you so very much!!!!”


Southland charities recognised for their work in the community

Congratulations to the 7 charities in Southland we recently endorsed with certificates, letters of support and donated $38,456 in financial grants to.

  • Thank you to our Catalytic Ambassadors in Southland for assessing these charities for grants.
  • Thank you to the Tindall Foundation and local donors for supporting our Southland community grants.
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Deloitte volunteers help children return to school

Thank you to the amazing team of volunteers from Deloitte who spent their day making up backpacks with educational supplies including: pens, pencils, sharpeners, highlighter, educational books, writing pads, felt tip pens, coloured pencils, pencil cases, lunchboxes and drink bottles.

The backpacks are for children in families affected by the floods, Cyclone Gabrielle and/or the cost of living crisis.

Thank you to Deloitte for also donating new laptop bags and digital charging units, these are currently being distributed to community charities around the country who know of individuals and families in need of these items. 


Deloitte people draw on our collective experience and ingenuity to make an impact that matters for our colleagues, Deloitte clients and society
. Deloitte 2022 Global Impact Report

Otago charities support in 2023

Catalytic Community Fund raises $185,553 to donated to 38 frontline community organisations in Otago. 

Congratulations to the community charities from the Otago Region who received a Catalytic Foundation Grant in 2023. Thank you to Otago Polytechnic and the Dunedin City Council for hosting the awards event. It was wonderful to see all the charities together networking and sharing their experiences.

Thank you to The Tindall Foundation, Mercy Hospital, Otago Polytechnic Charity House and our payday donors who contribute to this very important community fund.

All charities who have received Catalytic Grant funding in the last 2 years also receive a Catalytic endorsement and a letter of support, to help them apply for further funding.

“I would like to pass on the thanks of our client, volunteers, board members and myself for the generous donation we received from Catalytic at last night's presentation. It was a great opportunity to make connections with other groups in our community and also catch up with some old friends. It is also good to find out some of the stories behind groups working around Otago.
The funds given make it possible for us to continue operating and being able to offer an affordable service to our clients”. Jennie Archer, Dunedin Community Transport Trust 



Canterbury Charities 2023

Catalytic Community Fund raised $159,337 and donated to 39 outstanding frontline community organisations in the Canterbury region. Congratulations to the community charities from Canterbury and South Canterbury who received a Catalytic Foundation Grant in 2023.

Thank you to the Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury for hosting the award event in Timaru. It was encouraging to hear the stories about the work these frontline charities are doing in the Timaru and Waimate regions. 

  • Centrecare Counselling Waimate
  • English Language Partners Aoraki
  • South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support
  • Waimate District Resource Trust Incorporated
  • Family Support (South Canterbury) Inc

Thank you to Cavell Leitch for hosting the awards event in Christchurch to the charities listed below. It was wonderful to see all the charities together networking and sharing their experiences. All charities who have received Catalytic Grant funding in the last 2 years also receive a Catalytic endorsement and a letter of support, to help with further funding applications. 

Thank you to The Tindall Foundation, Drummond Trust and Catalytic payday donors who contribute to this very important regional fund.


  • La Vida Youth Trust
  • Project Esther Trust
  • Aviva (Christchurch Women's Refuge) 
  • Battered Women's Trust
  • Pillars Ka Pou Whakahou
  • Rangiora Youth Community Trust
  • Lyttelton Community House Trust
  • Bishopdale Community Trust
  • New Brighton Community Gardens Trust
  • Shirley Community Trust
  • Te Mapua Child and Youth Trust
  • Cholmondeley Children's Centre 
  • Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury
  • The Girl Guides Association NZ Inc.
  • Woolston Development Project Inc.
  • 180 Degrees Trust
  • Community Development Network Trust
  • Shoreline Youth Trust
  • Papanui Youth Development Trust
  • Victim Support Christchurch
  • Moana Vā - Navigators of Pacific Pride
  • Phillipstown Community Centre Chartitable Trust
  • Sumner Bay Union Trust
  • Blue Light Ventures Inc
  • Compassion Trust
  • Rachel's House Trust
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • Community Toy Library Waimairi Incoporated
  • Wainoni-Avonside Community Services Trust
  • Drug-ARM Christchurch
  • Birthright Canterbury Trust