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Charity Feature: 

English Language Partners provide online support for former refugees and migrants 

Nationally, English Language Partners have had over 280 online language groups meeting and in the weeks since lock down learners from across New Zealand have attended over 28,000 hours of online classes.

Learning hasn’t stopped at English Language Partners – Many of these learners have very limited English and few contacts in the wider community to turn to in a time like this. For some learners this is their first opportunity to engage with technology in English. We are even hearing of people ‘bringing a friend’ to class which means we are reaching new people that would otherwise be isolated

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English Language Partners
Operating for over 40 years, English Language Partners is a national community-based charity that delivers English language lessons and enables effective settlement. Our vision is that former refugees and migrants participate successfully in all aspects of life in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We would like to thank The Tindall Foundation 
For providing financial relief to English Language Partners via the COVID-19 Quick Response Fund, managed by United Way NZ. This donation has provided an initial donation to English Language Partners in Canterbury, Otago and Southland.