Stopping Violence Services - Helping young people in Canterbury

We'd like to acknowledge Stopping Violence Services (SVS) Christchurch, a specialist provider of non-violence programmes in Canterbury.

SVS is dedicated to ensuring people in the community live a safe and violent free environment, providing support to all, irrespective of age, gender or financial status. They have seen a rising demand for services to help young people in Canterbury who exhibit problematic behaviors impacting the wider whānau, school and general community. Often it stems from complex mental health problems and family issues.

“The complexity of issues young people are presenting with has also increased, with a significant number struggling with anxiety and/ or depression”                                       

    - Stopping Violence Services (SVS) Christchurch    

Every young person referred to SVS is provided personalized support and services based on their specific needs. SVS has various approaches and programmes to suit the individual. One important service is giving access to clinicians who can work to support the young person in a holistic way, linking them to additional specialist services where appropriate.

An ongoing challenge for SVS is the lack of specialist services in rural areas. The Catalytic grant helps to support the work of SVS so that they can help more young people in the Canterbury region. 

We would like to thank SVS for the work they do to help change the lives of young people in Canterbury, which is undoubtedly benefiting families and the wider community.

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