South Auckland FOOD BANK needs your support

Immediate support needed for South Auckland 'Budgeting and Family Support Services Foodbank' 


100% of your donations will directly support South Auckland families, individuals, pensioners and the homeless, with food parcels from the Budgeting and Family Support Services Food Bank, in Mangere, Otara & Tuakau

"As food insecurity grows by the day due COVID-19 Lockdown, we are seeing a huge number of people needing food. With many schools closed due to potential Covid contact, many of these families are forced to self-isolate at home for 14 days. These same people then cannot supermarket shop and most are turning to food banks, like ours to meet their needs. Demand is up around 80% on last year.

We are hearing some tragic stories such as the 74 yr. old pensioner living in his car with his small dog; who says he couldn’t sustain his private flat in Mangere Bridge. We have been able to provide him with food boxes, water and blankets etc. Then there is a couple of families referred to us due to domestic violence within the home. Whatever the need or their story, we do what we can to feed their need.

This lockdown has meant that we have been running out of produce quickly, from meat, milk, bread, eggs through to canned foods such as baked beans, spaghetti, tomatoes and then staples like rice, pasta and flour.

We are grateful for any and all support we can get from produce through to cash donations, which allow us to purchase the essential foods that we need to go into our food parcels".  Darryl Evans, CEO, Budgeting and Family Support Services


100% of your donation will go Budgeting and Family Support Services Foodbank