Social Investment

Social Investment for organisations

We know giving back both increases employee engagement and brand resilience, but organising it can be time consuming and it’s hard to know what projects will result in the greatest impact. The Catalytic Foundation works with frontline charities across the country so you can rest assured your financial and volunteer investment goes where it makes the most impact.

We make giving and volunteering easy. By partnering with the Catalytic Foundation, you can exponentially increase the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity assisting many frontline charities across the country.

We partner with New Zealand organisations, large and small to deliver:

  • Corporate and workplace giving and fundraising events
  • Bespoke CSR programmes and consulting
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Rigorous assessment of all charities
  • Social impact reporting

Social investment for philanthropic trusts

The Catalytic Foundation works as your community manager, bringing robust international processes and 46 years of experience working with New Zealand charities and communities to ensure funding goes where it is needed most.

 We work with some of New Zealand’s largest and most well-known philanthropic trusts to provide: 

  • Manage and distribute regular funding rounds
  • Impact reporting
  • Feedback from charities

The Catalytic Foundation is proud to have worked with The Tindall Foundation for over 22 years providing this donation management service, throughout New Zealand.


Social investment for individual donors

By donating your hard-earned dollars and/or time to the Catalytic Community Chest you will support New Zealanders in their time of need in your region.

We work with frontline community charities across New Zealand to provide:

- Community grants
- Networking opportunities
- Volunteers
- Consulting and capacity building
- Advocacy

All charities who receive donations from the Catalytic Community Chest, undergo a rigorous annual assessment process, so you have peace of mind that your generosity is directed to where it will make the maximum social impact.

We have a number of giving options that you can choose to suit your own circumstances.

Payroll Giving enables you to support community charities, via the Catalytic Community Chest. Your regular donation will help frontline charities in your region.  The donation comes straight from your pay and you receive an immediate tax rebate.

A one-off donation allows you to provide financial support to a project or community charity of your choice as and when you want to give.

Regular Donations are set by you. You choose the amount, and whether you want to give weekly or monthly to the Catalytic Community Chest. Even the cost of a coffee can make a real difference at the end of the year. To donate weekly or monthly please click here

Bequests are the ultimate declaration of support from one generation to another. Those who leave a gift in their Will are people who want to make an ongoing difference to their community even after they're gone.