Sell my cell - a new and easy way to donate

Does your organisation regularly change over its mobile phones? Did you know your old phones can help support local charities? Sell my cell is a company that buys and resells old mobile phones. Their process is simple. You package up your old phones and send them to Sell my Cell. They then provide a non-obligation quote stating how much they are willing to pay for your old phones. If you are happy with this quote, you can accept it. If by chance, you are unhappy with the quote, they return the phones to you free of charge.

There are two ways to donate the money to us:

  1. You can have the money paid for the phones to your company and then donate this to the Catalytic Foundation’s bank account 12-3067-0187344-00 with your company name as the reference. This has the added advantage that you can claim one-third of the donation back in tax credits.
  2. Alternatively, you can simply elect to have Sell my cell pay the proceeds from the phones directly to Catalytic Foundation.

What a great way to put your old technology to use!

Find out more about Sell my cell at