Otago Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust - committed to the safety of residents

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers of the Otago Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust for creating unique and tailored safety programmes for your community.

The Otago Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust is a regional branch of the nationwide charity Neighbourhood Support New Zealand. They work closely with New Zealand Police and like-minded partners to:

  • Create safe and caring neighbourhoods
  • Prevent crime in our communities
  • Build resilience and strengthen community connectedness 
  • Improve the quality of life and well-being for all

They provide various programmes and awareness campaigns such as Scam Savvy - an educational programme, providing information and resources to help prevent people from being victims of scams. The course was presented in partnership with a local bank, Age Concern, service clubs and retirement villages to create more awareness.

As Otago Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust work in association with the local police department, most of their programmes are in response to the reports and crimes recorded in the neighbourhood which makes it more beneficial for the community.

The Catalytic Foundation are happy to have provided a grant to enable the work that you do to help improve the safety, resilience and wellbeing of your residents.

The recent findings from our Covid-19 Community Needs research has found that community charities need our help now more than ever. Please consider a donation or setting up workplace giving so we can get support to where it's needed most.