Heartfelt thanks from people in the Manawatu and Whanganui regions

Through the generous giving from the Massey Uni team, Chubb Insurance and The Factory, combined with individual online donors we were able to support two major charities in the Manawatu / Whanganui Region.

We delivered 72 boxes to the Palmerston North Womens Refuge who sent us the following thank you notes for everyone involved: 

Thank you so much for the support in regards to the shoebox donations we have received over the past few weeks. They were absolutely amazing.  This has made a number of our families Christmases so much better than it would have been 😊

The boys have come home absolutely chuffed. Thank you so much for the gifts the children received today.  They are 2 very lucky boys. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Aw thanks you so much for the gifts. I have really appreciated everything you have done for me and my whanau ! Deeply !

Thank you so much for the donations I know this might sound silly but the Shampoo and Conditioner is amazing. As a family of 8 this is liquid gold.

We sent $400 worth of gift vouchers to the Wai Ora Christian Community Trust, who work with many at risk and homeless individuals and families. The CEO of the Trust Marama Dey sent us the following note:

Please thank you team very much for the vouchers that will come in handy for the families very much in need at this time of the year..

Karen and I have been busy wrapping Christmas presents going out tomorrow to about 30 families, and their children.
Two of our families have up to ten kids.
One whanau is homeless so we desperately seeking help for them and if the worst comes to the worst we will have to put them into our marae wharenui. They have six kids.

Any way you all have a merry Christmas and a better new year next year.

God Bless you all

Marama Dey
Wai Ora Christian Community Trust


We would like to thank our donors and supporters in the Manawatu/Whanganui region for supporting the Christmas Shoebox Appeal and your community in need.