Fiordland Community House - servicing the Te Anau and Fiordland community

We want to thank the Fiordland Community House for their role in being a “hub of community services” for the Te Anau and Fiordland area.

The services that the Fiordland Community House offers include:  

  • Employment services
  • Heartland services
  • Community Health Shuttle
  • Community Family Worker
  • Counselling & Office/Meeting room hire
  • A variety of community information.

They also provide programmes such as Healthy Eating and Cooking on a Budget for young families. These programmes are well attended and proved to be beneficial for young single mothers who do not have family support in the area.

The community workers are actively involved in assisting the community garden distribution of produce to families in need. The community workers also carry out surveys for residents in the new retirement village so that they can get a better understanding of the social needs.

They often see a lot of changes and challenges in the community. Recently, they have seen an increase of people presenting more complex issues compared to before. They have also seen a rise in the number of individuals experiencing mental health issues due to the stress of unemployment, housing/rental costs, and financial difficulties. To manage the increase of issues, they have employed more staff so that they can assist people in the community experiencing these complex issues.

We at the Catalytic Foundation are glad to be of help to such an amazing charity, who are guiding so many people in our community towards a better and secure future. We would like to thank each, and every one of the members from Fiordland Community House for doing an incredible service to our community.

The recent findings from our Covid-19 Community Needs research has found that community charities need our help now more than ever. Please consider a donation or setting up workplace giving so we can get support to where it's needed most.