Endorsed Charities

Annually, the Catalytic Foundation supports hundreds of community charities, providing donations, resources and volunteering where it’s needed most. Our endorsement programme recognizes and acknowledges the quality and trustworthiness of the community charities that we support.

Through the power of a nationally coordinated fundraising effort and payday giving, the Catalytic Foundation maximizes the funding received to support multiple community partners throughout New Zealand. We annually support over 100 small to medium sized human welfare organisations throughout New Zealand, focusing on organisations that lack name recognition or size to attract significant funding but provide high quality essential services in the community in line with our mission.

Our charity evaluation and assessment process and criteria is a thoroughly tried and tested approach, one which goes back 40 years to when the foundation used to be United Way NZ. Sponsors and donors can rely on Catalytic Foundation endorsement to know that funds donated to charities go back into the communities for maximum impact.


Checkbox for endorsement

  1. Are a registered charity in New Zealand
  2. Is made up of local community members
  3. Is built upon addressing needs of that community
  4. Has a good volunteer to staff ratio
  5. Has good governance
  6. Effectively measures and records the impact of community activities
  7. Shows commitment to their goals and vision
  8. Good financial managers
  9. Assessed and recommended by a Catalytic Foundation Ambassador or staff member
  10. Endorsement has been agreed on by the Catalytic Foundation Board of Trustees  

Catalytic Foundation ambassadors or staff carry out on-site assessment visits to community charities all over New Zealand to determine how Catalytic Foundation funding grants get allocated. The charities who are successful obtain endorsement as recognition of the work they do in providing outstanding services within the community. They will also be eligible to be featured in the Catalyser Lite platform.