Curtain Bank's Warm Winter Wonders!

Charity Feature:

The Dunedin Curtain Bank up-cycles unwanted and unused curtains, lines them, and distributes them to those in need in Otago

Curtains make a significant difference to the warmth of a home. A third of all heat loss in an uninsulated home occurs through windows. Even double-glazed windows let out more heat than uninsulated walls.

  • A study found that within households containing a 9 month old baby, 18% put up with feeling cold to save on heating, 11% used no household heating, and 22% of the babies had heavy condensation in their bedrooms.
  • 19.7 thousand children below the age of 5 were hospitalised due to disease of the respiratory system; and 27 thousand adults aged 65 and above were hospitalised due to disease of the respiratory system.
  • Over 7 years Dunedin Curtain Bank has given out 3,000 pairs of curtains.
    Last year they gave over 450 pairs of curtains throughout Dunedin and its greater area.


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Dunedin Curtain Bank gets donated used curtains which they check for suitability in health, warmth and length. If they make the grade they distribute them to those most in need in the Dunedin community. They then line the curtains of all children's bedrooms, the main heat source room of the house and we line all the curtains in houses of client's suffering severe medical conditions.



Demand continues to grow for Dunedin Curtain Bank as winter bites!

Helping make curtains


* We would like to thank Mercy Hospital for the donation they have made to Dunedin Curtain Bank through the United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

* Thank you to Otago Community Trust for your support in sponsoring this page for Dunedin Curtain Bank