Donation Management

The Catalytic Foundation provides donation management services for philanthropists, so we can support community charities with the resources they require. 

We help philanthropists and foundations by:

  • Allocating funds to where they’re needed most in the community.
  • Ensuring that your gift goes towards the causes and projects you care about.
  • Keeping you updated about the impact that your fund is having.

Why choose Catalytic?

  • 24 years of experience managing funds for philanthropic donors, including the Tindall Foundation.
  • We award grants to more than 100 charities per year nationwide.
  • Each charity goes through a rigorous screening process and receives a Catalytic Endorsement.
  • Endorsement includes year-round support through Catalytic quarterly campaigns and mentoring.

You can choose from different tiers of fund management

  • With annual donations of $100,000 or more, you can establish a named fund with specific criteria.
  • You can also contribute to an existing regional community fund on an annual or one-off basis.
  • Specify the causes you care about.  

Funds are distributed through a robust grant allocation process:

  • Community charities apply for Catalytic grant funding.
  • They are assessed using our 10-point checklist.
  • They are visited by our volunteer ambassadors who make funding recommendations.
  • Financial awards are presented to over 100 community charities each year.
  • Charities provide accountability reports sharing what they’ve achieved.

Your trust or foundation receives:

  • Annual impact reports on how your funds have been distributed.
  • An in-person presentation detailing your social impact.
  • Social stories and photos for your marketing and communications.

Donations qualify for a tax credit. For more information, Contact Us.

We are proud to represent The Tindall Foundation, Mercy Hospital and the Otago Polytechnic Charity house project, as their donation manager.