Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin - empowering people to take action

We want to acknowledge the Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin for the work they do in helping people know and understand their rights and obligations, and how to use this information to get the best results for their problems.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin is about empowering people with the confidence and support they need to take action. They work towards building positive social change in the community. 

Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin work in various sectors and reach out to several people facing challenges. In the past year, they have provided:

  • 37 JP clinics in their community
  • Awareness about their services to the new refugees that have arrived at Red Cross
  • Radio recordings that provide settlement information for migrants.

With such extensive programmes, they help multiple migrants & former refugees in the community. They also organise free settlement information workshops for migrants. The workshops cover various topics such as employment, health and wellbeing in terms of ACC, Red Cross help during Covid-19 and currently, a workshop that covers visas and individuals’ rights amidst Covid-19.

The Catalytic Foundation is really glad to be able to support the work of the Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin. We are very thankful for their initiative and services for the community especially to the migrants and refugees.

The recent findings from our Covid-19 Community Needs research has found that community charities need our help now more than ever. Please consider a donation or setting up workplace giving so we can get support to where it's needed most.