Survey results from Frontline Charities during Covid-19

COVID-19 Community Needs 

Research, released this month by Catalytic Foundation (formerly United Way NZ), shows Kiwi charities are under increasing pressure, managing a surge in demand with fewer resources. Donations are needed to provide the services and resources needed. #Unite20

Topline Findings from Research (390 charities participants)

  • 98% of charities who participated in the research reported they have been affected by Covid-19 
  • Additional funding remains the primary way to help frontline charities. (78% of Charities e surveyed reported this need).
  • 49% of the charities surveyed need volunteer assistance.
  • 48% report seeing an increase in demand due to Covid-19 and foresee this will be the case for the next 12 months

Anecdotal themes emerging

  • Food banks and mental health charities in particular have experienced increased demand, as have those supporting youth and the elderly (One foodbank in Auckland reported going from 35-45 parcels per day usually to 794 in one day during April and Age Concern Whanganui received over 1200 phone calls in three days - mostly regarding online supermarket shopping).
  • Many charities fear that the full effects of Covid-19 are yet to hit, they are preparing for increased demand in levels 1 as centres re-open and services can resume.
  • Some are commenting that if additional funding isn't found they may have to reduce services.              
  • Many are concerned that traditional funding mechanisms such as stores, gaming proceeds and funding rounds have been removed or disrupted due to Covid-19
  • Many have had to adapt during lock down to supporting those in need via telephone calls as face-to-face support was not possible. Most reported staff and volunteers adapted well.
  • Many charities comment increased anxiety levels among the community.
  • Additional areas of inquiry included; counselling support, online shopping support, applying for benefits, wage subsidy inquires, employment and employment law queries and requests for food parcels.

If you can provide financial resources for frontline charities please click here