25 days till Christmas Eve

Christmas is in 25 days, but for some families this is not a celebration...

Our community charities have reported back to us in our recent '2022 Needs Survey' that families are:

  • Sharing one toothbrush amongst the entire family
  • Deciding whether to buy food or pay the power bill
  • Stressed by their financial constraints
  • Not looking forward to Christmas

The Christmas Shoebox Project provides a way for the community to show they care!  A small donation ensures every child gets a box of presents and essentials at Christmas and the family is supported with necessary services by our community partners. 

Filling Christmas boxes can be fun!
We have 5 bases in Auckland, Whanganui, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and support many regional communities with this campaign

for Christmas boxes

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Thank you for caring for families in your community, we wish you a very happy Christmas from the Team at the Catalytic Foundation