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  • published Ways to give 2024-01-24 11:27:00 +1300

    Ways to Give

    The Catalytic Foundation provides donor services, so collectively we can support smaller regional community charities who are providing essential services around Aotearoa. 

    We help donors by:

    • Allocating funds to where they’re needed most in the community.
    • Ensuring that your gift goes towards the causes and projects you care about.
    • Keeping you updated about the impact that your fund is having.

    Why choose Catalytic?

    • 25 years of experience managing funds for philanthropic donors, including The Tindall Foundation.
    • We award grants to more than 100 charities per year nationwide.
    • Each charity goes through a rigorous screening process and receives a Catalytic Endorsement.
    • Endorsement includes year-round support through Catalytic quarterly campaigns and mentoring.

    You can choose from different tiers of donation management

    • You can provide one-off donations to causes you would like to give to and care about.  
    • You can contribute to the Catalytic regional community fund on a monthly or one-off basis.
    • Alternatively, with annual donations of $100,000+ we can establish a named fund with specific criteria.

    Funds are distributed through a robust grant allocation process:

    • Community charities apply for Catalytic grant funding.
    • They are assessed using our 10-point checklist.
    • They are visited by our volunteer ambassadors who make funding recommendations.
    • Financial awards are presented to over 100 community charities each year.
    • Charities provide accountability reports sharing what they’ve achieved.

    You will receive:

    • Annual impact reports about how your funds have been distributed and your social impact.
    • Social stories and photos about your social impact so you can tell your story of giving.

    Donations qualify for a tax credit. For more information, Contact Us.

    We are proud to represent The Tindall Foundation, Mercy Hospital and the Otago Polytechnic Charity house project, as their donation managers.


  • wants to volunteer 2020-09-29 16:18:37 +1300

    Volunteering with impact

    Corporate Volunteering and Team Building

    We simplify corporate volunteering, so all you need to do is turn up!

    Our group volunteering experiences give your team the opportunity to make a tangible difference with Kiwi grassroots charities, while having an unforgettable day connecting with each other.

    Brought to you by the Catalytic Foundation - experts at connecting donations, volunteer time and resources with the New Zealand charities that need them.

    You’re in the right place if…

    • You have a group of between 5-500 people.
    • You want to create a memorable and positive day for them.
    • You want to get your team connecting with each other and their community.
    • You want to make a positive impact where it's most needed.

    Tailored group volunteering opportunities are perfect for corporate teams, conference delegates, and groups from government organisations and educational institutions.

    We get it...

    Planning a team building day isn’t easy. Matching your workforce to the right cause can be challenging. And meeting impact targets can be even trickier. More than just matchmaking, we’ll plan your bespoke volunteering day so you can just turn up and jump in.

    We will…

    • Do your research and link you up with a charity or charities in your chosen area, in New Zealand.
    • Connect you with the causes that meet your team’s needs or corporate social responsibility goals.
    • Ensure charities are matched with the right number of volunteers for their capacity.
    • Have a staff member coordinate your entire day, brief the volunteer activities, and cover health and safety requirements.
    • Provide you with photos and an impact data.

    We ask that your business or organisation covers the costs of the day through a donation. Costs may vary depending on your requirements, location and the number of attendees. Get in touch to discuss your needs by filling in the enquiry form below.

    Become a volunteer