International Giving

Since 1999, the International Donor Advised Giving (IDAG), has helped corporations, foundations and individuals achieve their global charitable giving and social responsibility goals by implementing a comprehensive system with streamlined procedures that make global giving easier for donors.

With a network engaged in nearly 1,800 communities across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide, United Way Worldwide is a highly-effective and cost-efficient facilitator of international charitable giving. The International Donor Advised Giving program (IDAG) offers worldwide giving that is RELIABLE, SAFE and FLEXIBLE.

The International Donor Advised Giving Program (IDAG) program enables you to make a tax-deductible donation to a charitable entity (non-profits, orphanages, schools, universities) outside of the United States, e.g. Kiwi’s living and working outside of NZ can choose to donate to charities in NZ through this programme.

Donor advised grants can be made by cash donation, check or wire transfer and formalized through an agreement between the donor and United Way Worldwide.

Working Closely with Our Donors, We Provide:

  • General Charitable Operations Grants
  • Specific Project Grants
  • Equivalency Determination
  • Expenditure Responsibility
  • Due Diligence, including Anti-terrorism Vetting
  • Outputs and Outcomes-based Reporting
  • A Simple Fee Structure
  • Access to UW network in 40 countries
  • An Experienced, Multi-lingual Program Officer assigned to your Portfolio